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Business Hours

Tuesday - Friday 10am - 5pm 

Saturday 10am - 4pm

CLOSED Sunday/Monday

6769 Main Street, Bonners Ferry, ID

(On Hwy 95 - Between Mr. Sud's Car Wash and Liquor Store)

Our Vision

To provide a retail experience for individuals who value quality, design and uniqueness at affordable prices.  Our assortment will vary throughout the year with constant discoveries of new and gently used products. The range of products will vary from home decor, accessories, jewelry, essential oils, and clothing, all bought in small batches so there will be a constant flow of new items throughout the year.

Our Gently Used & New Products

This is just a small sample of what our business offers

Clothing for Men, Women, and Children

Clover & Co. is a unique retail store focused on sourcing from our local and surrounding communities through a clothing exchange for men, women, and children, as well as artisans making beautiful products with an emphasis on the creativity within the North Idaho market.  We've got what you want and we want what you've got.  For Clothing Exc​hange Policy and information, click on the link above.

Accessories (Home & Wardrobe)

Whether you need a necklace and bracelet for your new outfit or that cute little wall hanging that you know would be perfect in your guest room, Clover & Co. can help you out with our unique and fun accessories.  Our home decor section has a variety of fun and unique gifts for you and/or that special someone. 

Organic Infusions Essential Oils

Nourish your senses and let nature be your guide.  Essential oils are the perfect addition to every home and Organic Infusions Essential Oils are my personal go-to oils.  These oils are 100% Pure Certified Organic and Wildcrafted Therapeutic Grade Products and made with the following criteria:

  • Ecological and Sustainable Practices - must not damage the earth or surrounding community during the process of farming or distilling
  • No slave/child labor
  • No animal testing
  • The distiller and farm must have a thorough knowledge and practice of the correct time of day and season to harvest and distill essential oils for the best therapeutic effect
  • Organic Infusions, Inc chooses oils that are Certified Organic, Wildcrafted, Pesticide-Free, or Select Farmed
  • The oil must be distilled at low temperature to maintain its therapeutic benefits
  • Organic Infusions never uses oils that have been denatured, reconstituted or mixed with other chemical compounds
  • No genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • No artificial colors, oils or scents

Home Decor & More

At Clover & Co. we strive to always have a selection of home decor that will serve a purpose in your home, whether it be on the wall, on a shelf, or on your porch.  Our items make wonderful gifts and do not disappoint in quality and beauty.