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BULLETIN:    The warmer weather has arrived and it is hot in August.  We have been dealing with road construction on Highway 95 since April and it has been a little rough on business to say the least.  We appreciate the hard work the construction crews are doing and know the end product will be great.  In the meantime....WE ARE OPEN during regular business hours during the craze and appreciate and need your business more than ever.  Access to our store can still be obtained off the Hwy, or from Denver St....behind Mr. Sud's Car Wash, via Denver or Lincoln. 

While we have not been able to buy clothing near as much as we had hoped this season, we still have bought plenty and our racks are full of great summer wear at affordable prices.  By the way...have you seen our new painted building?  A new roof is on its way in the coming weeks.  We can't wait for the whole new look!

Due to the volume of our community members wanting to bring in items for us to purchase, please note and respect the following:

1) Limit is ONE (1) plastic bag per person on days of Exchange (READ POLICY BELOW FOR SIZE). 

2) We can not accommodate every person that brings in clothing items for us to buy each day/week.   Our purchasing budget is based solely on our sales and we must adhere to that budget.  The more clothes we sell, the more we can buy (end of story).  We are a business after all.  You are welcome to call first to make sure we are buying prior to coming in.  (Keep in mind we don't only sell clothes and each department's sales go back into that department, i.e. home decor, chalk paints, etc.)

3) Items we don't buy and are requested to be returned to the customer MUST be picked up within 24 business hours or they will be donated (unless special arrangements have been pre-made). WE DO NOT HAVE SPACE TO HOLD THEM. 

4) We do not buy or accept items the last week of the month.

5) YES, we do accept clothing donations.  Items donated must still be like new or gently used and be in accordance to our Exchange Policy below.


Exchange Policy  

  • We will pay for: Gently used/like new clothing that is stylish and currently in season. We look for mostly name brand quality clothing for Men, Women, Juniors and Children.
  • We also buy select shoes/boots, jewelry, scarves, purses, wallets, backpacks, and some home decor items in gently used/like new condition. WE DO NOT BUY Bras, Underwear, Pajamas, Robes, or Socks.
  • How we pay:  We pay 30% cash of what we believe we can sell the item(s) for or give you 50% of the selling price in store credit. Yes, we will give you cash or store credit the same day we have gone through your items so you don’t have to wait (how cool is that!). Store credit must be used within six months from issuance and may only be used on clothing, shoes, and non-consignment accessories.
  • How it works: All clothing brought in must be clean, in season, somewhat folded, and in a plastic bag (no larger than a 13 gallon bag). Our stylist will go through your bag and will separate what we want and immediately return any remaining items to you. Depending on how busy we are, you may be asked to come back at a specific time so as to allow us time to take care of our customers and go through your bag. Unless you check ‘CALL FIRST’ on the drop-off slip, we will immediately begin the process of getting the items ready to be put out on the floor. You will receive the total amount we offer and the clothes will start getting processed.  If you do not get back to us within 24 hours after we call you on the CALL FIRST items, we will assume pricing is OK and start putting them on the floor.  Because we do not wait for the item to sell before paying you, we will be selective on what we accept.
  • We do not (for various reasons) accept items in suitcases, duffel bags, totes, bins, boxes etc. and we require all hangers to be removed before arriving to sell.  Depending on the volume of clothes being brought in every day, we reserve the right to limit the amount to one 13 gallon garbage bag size, per person, per day, unless special arrangements have been made. We also reserve the right to limit days and/or types of items we accept based on what may or may not be needed at the time.  Exception:  Some Housewares items may be in boxes.
  • Some examples of why we pass on items are as follows: stains, wrong style or brand for our store, holes, snags, missing or broken buttons/zipper, out of season, too much basic wear, outdated, not clean (includes any pet hair), overstocked on items.
  • How To Drop Off Clothing/Items:  All items must be dropped off during regular business hours. Follow the policy above and make sure everything is clean. Fill out Drop Off Slip and initial that you have read and understand our policy. Then bring items to the counter and a stylist will be happy to assist you.
  • Never leave items outside the building during or after hours. We are not responsible or liable for any items left that goes against our policy.

Every item has a story.

You are awesome and we appreciate you and your great taste in clothing!